Maintenance Activities

We perform maintenace at both our Throndale and St. Thomas Locations for your convenience. Our Thorndale facility has a 70’x72’ fully heated building with a 60’ bi-fold door. In St.Thomas, the Purple Hill Air AMO maintenace shop is comprised of three 45’x90’ hangars and in early 2017, we purchased a 50'x60' hanger with a 45' x 13'5" bifold to house our maintenance operations.

Services offered include:

  • Annual inspections of all aircraft with a MTOW of 5700 kg or below.
  • Fabric repairs and recovers.
  • Non-jigging structural repairs.
  • Complete aircraft restoration.
  • Installation of all STC’d mods to aircraft i.e. VG’s, speed fairings, speed cowls, Horton Stol Kits and extended fuel systems.
  • Repairs and maintenance on all amateur built aircraft (i.e. RV’s, Murphy Rebel, Bush Caddy, etc.)
  • Import inspections of American aircraft.
  • Interior detailing and window poishing.
  • Exterior fuselage polishing and paint restoration.

We also provide maintenance services to the entire fleet of St Thomas Flight Centre aircraft (
Please feel free to Email us at [email protected] to schedule your next inspection or maintenance appointment.

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